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Young Musicians of the World: Promoting youth development by preserving traditional music

The organization Young Musicians of the World supports working class young people by establishing free music schools that focus on heritage. Founded in Québec, the organization opened its first school in 2001 in Dharwad, India. According to the organization's website:

"Young Musicians of the World" was created with the dual vision of helping youth and preserving the musical heritage of the world. This organization works to organize and run traditional music schools in various countries around the world. These schools, all tuition-free, aim at making it possible for young people to be integrated in a deeply satisfying activity which stimulates them and gives them confidence and self esteem.

The schools bring to young people the opportunity to be involved in work which makes personal development possible and in turn enables them to be self assured on both professional and human levels.

Ultimately, Young Musicians of the World also aspires to produce accomplished musicians and wants to thus contribute towards greater exposure as well as continuity of musical traditions in the countries where such projects are or will be established. For this, the organization acts to support the conservation and promotion of a world musical heritage which has become quite fragile. It could be said that the work of Young Musicians of the World is not just education, but "musical ecology."

Young Musicians of the World helps disadvantaged young people. In Canada it has schools in Québec City and Montréal as well as the First Nations community of Kitcisakik in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. In India it directs Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (the Kalkeri school) in the state of Karnataka. It also has contacts with other individuals and organizations with the goal of eventually creating music schools in Mali, Brazil, and in other First Nations communities in Québec.

For more information on this project, visit the Young Musicians of the World website.


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