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Cultural policies and measures - Best practices

"Cameras of Diversity" 2010 Tour screens aboriginal films in over 50 communities in Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru

The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, in collaboration with the Nomads of Peru Association and with the support of the Government of Flanders Fund, presented the "Cameras of Diversity" 2010 Tour until October 20. With the help of portable equipment consisting of an inflatable seven-meter screen, aboriginal Latin American and Canadian productions were shown in over 50 villages, towns, and communities in Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. In providing exposure to works by aboriginals, this tour sought to promote the diversity of cultural expressions as an effective means for communities to express and share their ideas and values.

The project was a UNESCO regional initiative to promote the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

It was during this project that the Cameras of Diversity Award was launched with the participation of the Foundation of the New Latin American Cinema (FNLC), to reward a research project on community broadcasting, in particular a project dealing with aboriginals and African descendants in Latin America and the Caribbean. The winner will be announced at the International Festival of Latin American Cinema in December 2010.


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