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Festival Odyssées en Yvelines: The challenge of disseminating texts and performances from countries with an oral tradition

Festival Odyssées en Yvelines is a theater festival being held in France until April 2. According to the festival's website, "Every edition of Odyssées offers 7 creations, 300 theater performances in nearly 80 communes before almost 30,000 spectators over the year, and between 300 and 400 performances across France and Europe the following year. For its 8th edition, Odyssées en Yvelines takes an international perspective in an effort to showcase words, voices, and aesthetics from around the world through 7 creations originating in 9 countries from 4 continents, including Africa. [...] The decision to open our doors to the world and invite artists from every continent for the 8th edition of Odyssées en Yvelines was made to contribute to inter-cultural dialogue to allow children, adolescents, and adults to discover and hear voices from abroad."

Declaring that "the age of globalization has caused a massive shift in our reference points and has failed to provide new ones," Centre dramatique national de Sartrouville, which organizes the festival, opens the dialogue by giving artists a chance to be heard. A day of exchange on this social issue was held on January 29 in the form of a round table discussion on African culture. The theme was African Meeting: The challenge of disseminating texts and performances from countries with an oral tradition. A number of issues were addressed, such as disseminating texts in Africa, finding authors, publishing them, performing shows, facilitating audience access, and the accuracy of the representation of foreign cultures in Europe.


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