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An international symposium on the language of art and music to be held in Berlin

The Language of Art and Music is an international symposium taking place in Berlin February 17–20, 2011, to explore the potential for art and music to provide a neutral platform for cultural exchange. Artists and practitioners from the fields of film, performance art, literature, and music will share their perspectives alongside renowned academics and leading figures from international politics, diplomacy, civil society, and the private sector.

The use of culture and art to promote dialogue and understanding is an issue that, though the subject of much scholarly attention, has had little impact on the behavior and activities of national governments and other stakeholders in international relations. Moreover, whilst there is widespread agreement on the value of culture and art in raising awareness of cultural differences, there is less understanding of the potential for culture and art to offer a neutral platform for mutual cultural exchange, to transform cultural differences and unite people through emotions. The Language of Art and Music will work to bridge the gap between theory and practice by bringing together artists with academic experts from the field and key figures in international relations to discuss the importance of these artistic disciplines.

For more information, visit the Art as Cultural Diplomacy website.


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