Cultural diversity

Cultural policies and measures - Best practices

100 good practice guides now available on the IFACCA website

The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) has compiled a series of “good practice guides” to help arts councils and arts funding agencies review, inform, and improve their key functions.

The guides fall into four categories:

1. Subsidies and grants (10 resources)

This section includes resources about operating grant programs and covers their design, promotion, delivery, and evaluation.

2. Strategic activities and government relations (9 resources)

This section includes resources to help funding agencies undertake strategic activities (not directly related to grant giving). It includes information on how agencies can advocate on behalf of the arts or artists, inform policy development and legislation (i.e., advice on laws affecting the arts), create partnerships with other areas of government, undertake research and analysis on the arts sector, and support leadership development.

3. Managing an arts funding agency (13 resources)

This section includes resources about the management of funding agencies and covers areas such as strategic planning and policy making, governance, service charters, and general arts agency management issues.

4. Information provision (69 resources)

This section includes resources produced by arts-funding agencies to help artists and arts organizations develop marketing skills and audiences (nationally and internationally), improve governance and financial and management capabilities, undertake community planning and consultation (including partnerships), and advocate key issues affecting artists and the arts.

To consult the guides, please visit the IFACCA website.


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