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Mawa3eed: A program for supporting cultural and artistic exchange in the Arab region

Launched in 2006, the Mawa3eed program is a fund for partially financing travel expenses of up to $5,000 USD for Arab artists to present artistic work or to take part in cultural and artistic events and activities at multiple, diverse cultural spaces in the region.

Designed to support cultural and artistic exchange between artists and independent theaters, galleries, institutes, and other cultural organizations, Mawa3eed is an important opportunity for Arab artists to circulate their creative works through different cultural spaces within the Arab region, and to exchange knowledge and expertise with other artists.

The program also gives the public the opportunity to appreciate new artistic forms from different countries in the region, enabling diverse cultural spaces to grow their audiences and circulate ideas and forms of expression.

Applications are accepted year round, and are evaluated four times a year by a jury of experts from the regional arts and culture community.

To learn more please consult the Al Mawred Al Thaqafy website.


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