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Meeting of filmmakers from Africa, the Caribbean, and their diasporas

The first Meeting of filmmakers from Africa, the Caribbean, and their diasporas was held in Havana, Cuba during the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase on September 12–16, 2011.

Major films were screened, including Drum by South African director Zola Maseko, Ramata by Congo’s Leandre-Alain Baker, Bamako by French-Mauritian Abderrahmana Sissako, and Un homme qui crie by Chad’s Mahamat-Saleh Haroun. The audience included the Caribbean participants and members of the general Cuban public.

This meeting was a great opportunity to strengthen ties and filmmaking cooperation between these two regions. Participants were able to share information and expertise, and network with filmmakers from African institutions to develop sub-regional platforms coordinated with existing networks in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The meeting was also the first opportunity to launch the UNESCO project “Cameras of Diversity” (Cámaras de la Diversidad) throughout Africa. This project was previously carried out in Latin America and the Caribbean. “Cameras of Diversity” constitutes a best practice in terms of international cooperation from the point of view of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Since 2005, it has helped strengthen institutional and legal policies, the capacities of indigenous and afro-descended communities in the field of production, and the digital management and distribution of these productions.


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