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The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Young Parisians had the opportunity to climb aboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus recently when it was parked in front of UNESCO headquarters in Paris during the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum held October 29 to 31, 2013.

The bus has been striking a chord with young people around the world since it first hit the road in 1998. It is a touring studio designed to use music as a medium for peace and mutual understanding. The crew of the John Lennon Bus gives young visitors access to a professional recording studio with all the technology needed to record and produce their own work and even film their own videos using high-tech equipment, all within one day.

The bus travelled around Europe before arriving at UNESCO. Meanwhile, its North American brother journeyed through the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. By giving young people the opportunity to climb aboard and learn to express themselves, communicate their feelings, and interact with others through music, the John Lennon Tour Bus is truly fulfilling its role as an instrument for peace.



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