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37 new projects funded through ACPCultures+

The second call for proposals is now out for ACPCultures+. The program, founded in  2012, recently announced a new 15 million euros investment to fund 37 new projects, including 23 in the film and audiovisual industries.

The chosen projects will be implemented in over 60 countries in Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries. Applications from these regions have substantially increased recently: of the 37 applications awarded funding, 19 came from ACP countries and 18 from Europe. Projects will be carried out by 158 partners in both ACP and European countries.

The projects going forward vary greatly. One noteworthy project is an online platform for African cultural and news content; another, "Capital numérique" by the International Organisation of La Francophonie, will digitize African cultural content. Some projects will also help local populations in areas such as the Caribbean develop new business strategies.

For more information on the successful projects and the program generally, refer to the ACPCultures+ website.

ACPCultures+ is an initiative of the Secretariat of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States funded by the European Union through the European Development Fund (EDF). The program's objective is to fight poverty by developing viable cultural industries and protecting cultural diversity. Specifically, the program aims to support the production of cultural goods and services, strengthen local markets, support cultural professionals, and promote better legislation and regulation in the sector.


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