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European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity adopt a permanent legal structure

In a press release dated March 4, 2015, the European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity report that they have registered as an international non-profit association with a permanent legal structure. Their goal is to strengthen their presence within European institutions in order to defend the future of culture and cultural policies in Europe.

The association will be chaired by Carole Tongue, who is also chair of the British coalition. Six vice-chairs were also elected: Holly Aylett (British coalition), Pavol Kral (Slovak coalition), Christine Merkel (German coalition), Pascal Rogard (French coalition), Beat Santchi (Swiss coalition), and Fernando Vendrell (Portuguese coalition). A member of the Swedish coalition should also be appointed to the vice presidency.

The four main strategic priorities of the association were defined as follows:

  • Defend a high level of protection for authors' rights
  • Modernize the financing of creation, the cultural tax system, and regulations in order to adapt them to the digital world and to integrate the key internet players
  • Safeguard the cultural exception in European Union trade negotiations;
  • Promote in Europe the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

As early as 2005, an informal network of European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity was established at the same time as national coalitions for global cultural diversity. The alliance's aim was to inform European institutions-particularly the European Commission in the context of trade negotiations-about the expectations of creators and cultural professionals concerning the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions, and any other subject under EU jurisdiction that affects culture. The association of European coalitions is made up of national associations from 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland. 

To view the press release go to the French Coalition for Cultural Diversity website.

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