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UNESCO, ILO, UNCTAD - Development of trade involving the cultural industries in the ACP countries, 2006/01

With the aim of reinforcing the competitiveness of local cultural industries in sectors which have a strong potential for sustainable development, but which are being neglected by the public authorities as in general they involve informal activities, three United Nations agencies (UNESCO, ILO,  UNCTAD) have designed and developed a pilot project aimed at the ACP countries.

This multi-agency pilot project is designed to develop the social and economic potential of the creative industries in a group of countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific with the objective of creating jobs, developing exports and reducing poverty. A variety of carefully chosen activities will be implemented over a period of three years in order to reach all stakeholders in the cultural economy in the selected countries.

In addition to technical assistance, guidelines on the introduction of consistent, well-adapted policies will be proposed to decision-makers. The project will also include the creation and distribution of training tools to encourage the development of endogenous skills and enhance the professionalism of cultural operators and entrepreneurs with the aim of enabling talent and creativity to provide a stimulus for the cultural industries. The first phase of the project will consist of a series of analyses, leading to recommendations on the basis of which an integrated policy framework for the cultural industries sector can be established so as to reduce poverty, create jobs and develop trade. The second phase will provide technical assistance for the implementation of the recommended activities and ensure effective follow-up and monitoring. The orientation of public policy, the methodology and the tools for capacity-building which will be developed in the framework of this pilot project should offer an example of best practice for future action to stimulate the creative economy in other developing countries.

This project corresponds to the objectives presented by the Culture ministers of the member countries of the ACP Group (Africa-Caribbeans-Pacific) during their first conference in Dakar, Senegal, in June 2003, which ended by the adoption of a declaration and of an action plan intended mainly towards the implementation of a development strategy based on culture and culture industries, as requested by the ACP Summit of the Chiefs of State and Government.

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