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United States – Creation of an investment tool for the development of independent media: the Free Press Investment Notes (FPIN), 2006/01/31

Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF), a loan fund for media development, at work from the United States, has just launched an investment tool intended to support independent news businesses in developing countries: the Free Press Investment Notes (FPIN).

This new investment tool, it is underlined, indicates for the first time that the public may invest in the development of independent news businesses in emerging democracies like Guatemala, South Africa and Indonesia. Private individuals and business enterprises may buy the Investment Bonds for a Free Press in 22 States, among which New York and California. The financing of MDLF, it is indicated, is typically used to invest in printing presses, new television and radio transmitters and radiobroadcasting equipment. It aims at « assisting independent news businesses in reaching more people, generating more income and remaining aside from State monopolies». For the past ten years of MDLF existence, this organization has financed fifty or so media enterprises in 17 countries.

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