Cultural diversity

News Releases / Speeches / Declarations

In this section, you can consult Québec Government news releases, speeches, declarations, and statements on cultural diversity. The section also includes declarations about cultural diversity issued by various international forums and organizations.

  • Vol. 13, no 7 — 2013-07-08
    Audiovisual services excluded from the bargaining mandate for the E.U.–U.S. free trade agreement

  • Vol. 13, no 6 — 2013-06-03
    Mandate for E.U.-U.S. trade negotiations: the European Parliament votes in favor of excluding cultural and audiovisual services

  • Vol. 13, no 5 — 2013-05-06
    UNESCO: The Director General appeals to Parties to support the IFCD

  • Vol. 13, no 3 — 2013-03-04
    European Union–United States free trade agreement: High risk negotiations for cultural diversity

  • Vol. 13, no 1 — 2013-01-07
    Canada–EU trade agreement: France in favour of a horizontal exclusion of audiovisual services